These pellet cones have been crafted by commercial masters Steve Ringer and Alex Bones, and come in a blister pack that contains small, medium and large-sized cones. You also get a super-fine baiting needle for pulling your hooklength material through the loaded cone.

For those of you who arent familiar with the method, you squeeze soaked pellets into a conical-shaped mould and then pull your hooklength through the bait so that the mass of pellets sits on your hook in a small aerodynamic group. Then you simply clip the hooklength to your rig and cast out.

Gurus new Pellet Cones have been specifically created to make the whole process as easy as possible. They are made from a special non-stick plastic, which means that the stack of pellets can easily be released from the mould, and they are easy to load thanks to a special thumb grip on either side.

Guru advises that you use pre-softened pellets of between 1mm and 3mm in size. Alternatively, you can use groundbait which offers high attraction with limited feed.

Its a great tactic in winter or clear water when used in conjunction with a straight lead as you get a perfectly presented pile of bait surrounding your hook. Other advantages over a feeder are that there isnt a plastic body lying on the bottom that may spook wary fish. And you can get away with heavy leads meaning you can cast a long way
Brand Guru
Weight 0.075kg