1. Make a loose knot in the middle of the length of the leadcore
  2. Pull 5 inches of lead out of the each end and snap it off. Then squeeze the Leadcore by the loose knot and run your finger along it to the end
  3. Again squeeze the leadcore and run your finger along it till you feel the end of the lead. Then take your splicing needle and hook it in to the middle of the leadcore.
  4. Gently push the needle down the centre of the Leadcore
  5. Gently poke the end of the splicing needle through the side of the leadcore
  6. At this time you can put a swivel or ring on.Put the end of the leadcore into the end of the splicing needletrapping it with the splicing needle gate. Bunch the leadcore up this makes it easier to then pull the splicing needle out.
  7. This is then the result. Pull the outerskin along to the loop to give you the required loop size and then squeezing the leadcore again away from the loop to hide the tail
  8. Thats it finished.
  9. Now some people super glue the ends Thats upto you.
  10. The needle i use is just over 2 inches long (thats why i take out 5 inches of lead) so when the needle is inside the leadcore i know when i pull the needle out it will give me the same size loop every time
  11. DO NOT put a swivel on both ends of the leadcore as this is dangerous to the fish
  12. Have a look at our leadcore leaders, cheap enough not to bother making your own. We will custom make leaders to what ever requirements are.